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Having a facial aesthetic that you love is a powerful factor in lifelong confidence and comfort in your own body. With every one of our full suite of procedures, we focus on full communication with our patients to learn about their unique goals and hopes. With personalized procedures and modernized techniques, as an Oculoplastic Surgeon, we are proud to deliver results that bring out the inner brightness and full beauty of our patients.

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Dr. Shah Vira

Dr. Shah Vira grew up in Arizona. She moved to Chicago to complete a combined engineering and medical program at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Chicago Medical School. She completed a highly competitive two year dual fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology and Oculoplastic at the highly regarded Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Shah Vira specializes in surgical correction of the eyelids and eyebrows, eyelid malposition and tumors, excessive tearing, and conditions involving the orbit. In addition, she provides a variety of cosmetic procedures, including upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), brow lifts, and cosmetic injectables such as Botox cosmetic, and Xeomin.

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Ami Shah Vira,


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We rely on sight more than any other sense, not only for practical use but in order to live our lives to the fullest. As an experienced neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Vira provides several specialized procedures that can improve conditions affecting your eyesight, such as optic nerve problems and thyroid eye disease.

Optic Nerve
Optic Nerve
Double Vision
Double Vision
Thyroid Eye Disease
Thyroid Eye Disease

Experience and Professionalism

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where you feel both at home and in good hands. We strive to deliver an experience that is at once friendly, professional, and compassion so that you can enjoy your results and the journey toward reaching them.

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Our Philosophy

See why patients choose Dr. Vira and Oculofacial Plastic Surgery of Texas

Our patients are treated as honored guests and
members of our practice family.

We do our absolute best to make sure our patients get the best results and are satisfied.

We educate our patients on the best treatment options available based on their individual anatomy, procedure history, condition, and overall health.

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Physician Who Cares

At our practice, you are more than the sum of your parts. Dr. Vira, Oculoplastic Surgeon, works with each patient on a personal level, with open communication in an environment where you can express yourself freely. The best results start with learning about you as a patient, working with you as a person rather than on you.

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If you found Dr Shah Vira, look no further. She is the best!
Her expertise cannot be overstated. I wouldn’t let a
loved one go anywhere else.

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