Eyelid & Brow Surgery

in Austin

Subtle Rejuvenation

We believe in enhancing your natural beauty so you feel confident in your own skin.

Maybe you’re over looking tired, or dealing with droopy eyelids that affect your vision and bother you when you’re driving or reading.

We specialize in procedures that give you a refreshed look while maintaining your natural appearance — so you look refreshed (but no one would ever know you had cosmetic surgery!).

Eyelid & Brow Surgery Services

Upper eyelid surgery

(Upper eyelid blepharoplasty)

Brow Lift

Droopy eyelid surgery

(Ptosis Repair)

Asian Eyelid

(Double eyelid surgery)

Lower eyelid surgery

(Lower eyelid blepharoplasty)

Scar Revision

Our Approach

Keep You Looking Like You

We believe in enhancing your appearance, not altering it. We keep you looking fresh but never overdone, and we’ll never pressure you into a procedure.

Expertise You Can Trust

Dr. Vira is double-board certified, with extensive training and experience in the complex anatomy of the eyes, eyelids, and brows.

With You At Every Step

We’re here for you, from your first consultation to your post-op care. We’ll answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

Eyelid & Brow Surgery Next Steps

How It Works


Schedule a consultation.

Find a convenient time for your first appointment (you’ll see a variety of options at the scheduling link). If you’re unsure which type you need, contact us for guidance.


Get to know each other.

During your first appointment, I’ll review your medical history and listen to your concerns. This is your opportunity to share your experiences, goals, and questions in a supportive environment.


Create a

After discussing your options, we’ll create a personalized plan that aligns with your needs and goals. You’ll leave our office with a clear understanding of the path ahead.

Eyelid & Brow Surgery FAQ

How long does it take to recover from eyelid or brow surgery?

Recovery times vary depending on the specific procedure, but most patients are able to return to their normal activities within 1-2 weeks.

Will there be visible scars after my surgery?

Dr. Vira uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring. In most cases, any scars will be well hidden within the natural creases of your eyelids or brows.

How long will the results of my surgery last?

The results of eyelid and brow surgery are generally long-lasting. However, the natural aging process will continue, and you may experience some gradual changes over time.

See the transformation.

Explore our before/after gallery to see the natural results of some past patients.

Feel confident and refreshed when you look in the mirror.

Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a rejuvenated appearance.