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Asian Blepharoplasty

One of the benefits of modern plastic surgery is it puts you in control of your aesthetic. Our goal with Asian blepharoplasty in Austin is to allow patients to look how they want based on their own personal preferences. Also called double eyelid surgery, this procedure gives patients access to a dynamic look through minor adjustments. Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery uses an adaptive approach to give each patient access to the look that suits them best, building on their natural beauty along the way.

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What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian Blepharoplasty (or Double Eyelid Surgery) is an option for patients who want to increase the visibility or prevalence of an upper eyelid fold. Instead of trying to create a Western look, it instead focuses on building on your natural features to enhance your aesthetic. Patients can use this procedure to obtain a more alert look while staying true to their natural appearance. By working closely with each of our patients, we can discover their goals and help them achieve them through this cosmetic procedure. Using your natural features as a foundation, we can deliver outstanding results that you will love.

How Does It Work?

Asian blepharoplasty is similar to upper eyelid surgery, but targets structures unique to the Asian eyelid. While it can also address droopy eyelids, its main feature is creating a tighter, more defined fold for the upper lid. Our surgeon uses their thorough knowledge of the eyelid to create precise incisions. Through tiny adjustments, she can create huge results.

The procedure itself lasts only 1-2 hours. Patients can have either full sedation or lighter anesthetic, depending on what is best for them. Dr. Shah Vira, oculoplastic surgeon in Austin, is sure to create any incisions in locations where they can be hidden. This way, you have virtually no visible scarring, only outstanding results. Our goal is for you to enjoy your results without worrying about scarring or other concerns

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Is Double Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

This procedure is ideal for patients who want to add a refreshed and vibrant dynamic to their eyelids. It is all about creating minor changes to enhance your look as a whole, building upon your unique beauty to help you match your personal aesthetic preference. The ideal candidate will have healthy expectations for the procedure and ready to fully discuss their goals with our surgeon for optimal results. We also recommend that patients be in overall good health to have the procedure, as any health concerns can interfere with safety and results. Additionally, it will be important for patients to avoid smoking before surgery and while recovering to avoid the negative effects that this habit can have on the process.

To learn if you are a good candidate for Asian blepharoplasty in Austin, you can set up your consultation today! Our experienced surgeon, Dr. Shah Vira, will meet with you personally and provide a comprehensive overview of your options and the results you can expect to see. We are by your side at every point of the process, ensuring you get all the information you need to choose your ideal procedure option.

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What is the Recovery Like?

After your procedure at Texas Neuro Eye, you can return home the same day, though you will need someone to drive you. Once you are home, you can get started on the process of recovering and the path to enjoying your results. Typically, the initial recovery time includes about 1-2 weeks of downtime during which patients take off work and avoid strenuous activities. As you recover, it is entirely normal to experience some pain and swelling. But Dr. Shah Vira and her team will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make this period as comfortable as possible.

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When Will I See Results From Double Eyelid Surgery?

While it can take several weeks to a couple of months for the swelling to fully subside from double eyelid surgery, you can begin seeing your results early on. Once the swelling is fully gone, you can see your final results, which should be with you for good. However, it is important to remember that changes can still occur to the eyelid structures as we age. So it will be important to take good care of your eyelids to enjoy your rejuvenated appearance for years to come. Avoiding too much sunlight and keeping up healthy habits are excellent ways to keep your results fresh.

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