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Quad Blepharoplasty
in Austin

Patients who want to achieve outstanding rejuvenation have the option of choosing to have quad blepharoplasty in Austin. This procedure is excellent for tackling almost any cosmetic concerns in the eyelid area, while also having the potential for functional improvements. You can target some of the most evident signs of aging such as droopy eyelids, dark circles, and more with a single surgical session at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery.

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What Is Quad Blepharoplasty?

Quad blepharoplasty is the most thorough option for eyelid surgery that we offer. In short, the “quad” part of the name means it can address concerns in both upper eyelids and both lower eyelids. In other words, you can address and improve any concerns you have for any part of either eyelid! By combining both upper and lower eyelid surgery into a single procedure, you gain the benefit of a completely rejuvenated look. Furthermore, each aspect of the procedure can be adapted to further enhance the other parts. For example, we can personalize how we treat the upper eyelid so that it makes the perfect aesthetic pair with the lower eyelid changes.

The Upper Eyelid

Droopy eyelids are one of the main factors that patients wish to address for the upper eyelid part of this procedure. However, we can do much more than just that. Other options include repositioning the eyelid for a more alert eye shape, or enhancing the eyelid fold for a more dynamic look. Through careful adjustments of the eyelid’s structures, we can give you the aesthetic boost you are looking for.

The Lower Eyelid

Lower eyelid concerns usually center around a loss of volume, fatty deposits, and thin or crepey skin. As part of your quad blepharoplasty, you can address any and all of these concerns to roll back years on the lower eyelid area.

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What Is the Procedure Like?

Depending on what is best for you, we may use general anesthesia or a lighter anesthetic. In either case, we start only once the patient is sure to be comfortable for the entire procedure. Your surgeon then makes the adjustments according to your unique treatment plan. Any incisions are made in the eyelid’s natural folds, allowing any scars to remain hidden and virtually invisible. A typical quad procedure can take about two hours, but this can vary depending on the individual aspects of your procedure. As with other eyelid surgeries, patients can return home on the same day as their quad blepharoplasty in Austin.

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Recovery &

Once you are home, it will be all about resting and following your post-procedure aftercare instructions. Though some pain and swelling are normal, these can both be managed with medication and the instructions provided by Dr. Shah Vira to ensure optimal healing and recovery. Your initial swelling should subside in a couple weeks, and you can gradually see your final results in the coming weeks. However, it is important to remember that minor swelling may still be present for some time, so your final results may only be fully visible after a month or couple of months. The good news is that blepharoplasty procedures provide extremely long-lasting results that you can enjoy for years to come. We can also provide you with additional tips and advice for keeping the eyelid area healthy and rested to improve your results, such as maintaining healthy habits and avoiding excess sun exposure.

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Is Quad Blepharoplasty Right for Me?

Targeting all four parts of the eyelid area can lead to powerful rejuvenation for almost anyone! However, patients in an older age range can usually benefit the most from this procedure and see the most drastic improvements. Still, the procedure is open to a wide range of patients who want to see stunning improvements in the upper and lower eyelid areas. The ideal candidate will be in good health and non-smoking, as these are key for minimizing risk and optimizing your recovery.

To learn more about quad blepharoplasty at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery, you can call us today! When you set up your consultation, you can meet one-on-one with Dr. Shah Vira and learn about our procedure options and what can help you reach your goals. By working closely with you, we can match you to your ideal treatment plan and help you bring out the best of your natural beauty.

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