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Eyelid Cancer
Treatment in Austin

While eyelid cancer is usually not life-threatening, it can still have a major impact on your life. As the tumor develops and grows, it can not only cause a range of cosmetic concerns, but it can interfere with your eyelid’s function and health. The good news is that our eyelid surgeon at Texas Neuro Eye can provide safe and effective eyelid cancer treatment in Austin to solve the problem. Tackling eyelid cancer has never been more efficient, and our surgeon is also ideal for providing any needed reconstruction afterward. Contact us today to get started on saying goodbye to eyelid cancer.

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How Can I Treat Eyelid Cancer?

The most effective way for treating eyelid cancer is also the most straightforward: simply remove it. With modern techniques and technology, we can cut out eyelid cancer while minimizing any damage to the surrounding eyelid and its structures. However, you still need an expert to remove the tumor in a way to reduce any risk of regrowth or other complications. Dr. Shah Vira has already helped numerous patients get rid of eyelid cancer and restore their looks afterward. In some cases, the reconstruction can even leave you looking better than ever.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The typical eyelid procedure consists of two parts: cutting out the tumor and reconstructing the eyelid. Typically, we can do both of these during a single session while the patient is under anesthesia for comfort.

Removing the Tumor

Removing a tumor is about more than simply cutting away dangerous tissue, especially for the eyelids. The structures of the eyelid are so small and delicate that you need an expert’s touch in order to minimize any damage to them. Additionally, unless your surgeon removes the entire tumor, it can continue to cause problems. So you need someone who can do the most with the least amount of cutting or incisions.


The extent of eyelid reconstruction is often one of the biggest variables in eyelid treatment. Some patients may need almost no reconstruction while others may need an in-depth procedure to restore their eyelids. For eyelid reconstruction, you certainly want an eyelid specialist on your side. While many plastic surgeons offer eyelid surgery, they are not full experts in the field. Dr. Shah Vira focuses exclusively on the eyelid and brow area to provide safer and better results. The reconstruction process might even be able to provide some enhanced benefits to your eyelid area. You can fully discuss your options with your surgeon before the procedure and build a personalized reconstruction plan.

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Do I Need Eyelid Cancer Treatment?

If you have eyelid cancer, the best option is usually to treat it as soon as possible. Even if it is in its early stages, timely treatment can prevent it from becoming worse over time. If not treated, the cancer not only can cause lasting damage, but there is the risk of it spreading. Treatment is not only fast but highly successful nowadays, so if you have a diagnosis, then it may be time to set up your consultation.

To learn more about our eyelid cancer treatment procedures at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery, you can call us today! When you set up your consultation, you can meet one-on-one with Dr. Shah Vira and learn about the various aspects of our treatment options and how she can help you beat this disease. By working closely with you, we can match you to your ideal eyelid cancer procedure plan and help you get back to your life as soon as possible.

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Recovery &

Most patients take about two weeks off for the initial recovery period for their eyelid cancer treatment. However, this depends on the extent of your procedure. For more minor surgeries, you may need less time off. Whatever your case may be, your eyelid cancer surgeon will provide you with both a timeline for your individual recovery as well as instructions to help it go well. Some pain and swelling are normal for the initial period, but we can prescribe you medication to manage these until they subside. Patients will also come in for follow-up visits so we can ensure that the procedure was a success and your healing is on track.

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Call us or use our online form to get started by setting up your consultation for eyelid cancer treatment in Austin, Texas. The team at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery is here to provide you an experience filled with compassion that leaves you feeling and looking your best. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and how they can help you tackle eyelid cancer with success. We look forward to doing our part in restoring your health.

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