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Double Vision

What causes double vision?

Double vision can be due to a wide range of causes. Changes from the front of the eye (cornea, cataracts), back of the eye (retina changes), or the eye muscles can lead to double vision. Because of the broad spectrum of disorders that can lead to double vision, it is important to be evaluated by a specialist trained in the eye disorders as well as the neurological disorders that can lead to double vision. Determining the cause will ensure the proper course of treatment.

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What can be done for
double vision??

Sometimes double vision will resolve on its own. Other times correction with special eye glasses (prisms) can alleviate double vision. Alternatively, sometimes surgery can be used to correct double vision. Strabismus surgery, or eye muscle surgery, is used to treat eye muscle misalignment that cannot be corrected by glasses.

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Finding Dr Shah Vira has been a Godsend for me. I have suffered with double vision for several years, gone thru cataract surgery which didn’t help, & found Dr Shah Vira! She was so thorough & professional. I highly recommended her if you’re having problems. She is my hero!!! Thank you !!!!

Kathy S

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