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Optic Nerve

What is the optic nerve?

The optic nerve is a bundle of more than 1 million nerve fibers. Nerve signals travel along the optic nerve from each eye and send visual information to the brain. It exits the back of the eye and travels through a bony canal to the brain, which then processes the signals to an image.

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What conditions can affect
the optic nerve?

There are many conditions that can affect the optic nerve. These include: structural abnormalities of the nerve, genetic conditions, compressive forces on the nerve from increased pressure or tumors, glaucoma, inflammatory changes (from optic neuritis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases), trauma, infections, and nutritional.

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Can optic nerve disorders
be treated?

When the optic nerve Is damaged, it becomes pale. Our goal, when diagnosing optic nerve damage, is to find if there is an underlying cause that may be progressive and lead to worsening vision, and treat that cause. Preserving your vision and maximizing the health of the optic nerve is the goal. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a way to reverse optic nerve damage. There are many studies that are promising using different technologies, however none are FDA approved yet.

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