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Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED) may occur in patients who already know they have thyroid disease, or sometimes it’s the first problem that brings the person to the doctor’s office. The symptoms that occur in thyroid eye disease include dry eyes, watery eyes, red eyes, bulging eyes, a “stare,” double vision, difficulty closing the eyes, and problems with vision. Thyroid eye disease can occur in patients who are hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, or even euthyroid (normal thyroid labs).

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How does TED affect the eyes?

Thyroid eye disease can affect the eyes in multiple ways. Eyelid changes or proptosis (bulging eyes) can lead to dryness, redness, and corneal infections, pain, and blurred vision. Enlarged eye muscles can pull the eye in different directions leading to double vision. Inflammation of the tissue in the eye socket (orbit) as well as enlarged eye muscles can sometimes push on the optic nerve causing permanent and irreversible blindness.

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How can TED
be treated?

Mild symptoms can be treating with lubricating eye drops, prescription eye drops, or prismatic glasses. More moderate or severe cases typically require oral medications, surgery, and/or initiation of the FDA approved medication Tepezza, which has been successful in avoiding surgery for many patients. If surgery is required, surgical options include orbital decompression (to decrease the bulging eyes), eye muscle surgery (to help with double vision), and eyelid surgeries.

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