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Dark Circle Treatment

Having dark circles under your eyes might not take up a large area, but they can still have a massive effect on how you look. While many factors can come into play when it comes to how your under-eye area looks, the right procedure can almost always get you back to looking your best. With the right dark circle treatment in Austin, you can give yourself a boost to look as vibrant and lively as ever. Contact Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery today to learn more about how we can help you match your inner and outer selves to bring out your best.

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What Are Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a way we describe a look of a hollow under-eye area. They are usually associated with being tired or having a lack of restful sleep. And this is usually what people think when they see someone with them. But the truth is that dark circles can come about for many reasons, including age, genetics, and more. The good news is that we can provide a way to get rid of dark circles in nearly every case.

What Is Our Dark Circle Removal Treatment?

The most effective and longest-lasting way to tackle dark circles is to have lower eyelid surgery. This procedure is the ideal way to see lasting dark circle removal in Austin. While non-surgical treatments do exist, they tend to last only for several months at a time. With an expert surgical procedure, you can see results that are more impressive and can last for years to come, especially with proper care routines.

How Does It Work?

Under-eye dark circles tend to appear because of changes in the skin and tissue of the area. Fat pockets can descend or diminish, resulting in thinner, more hollow-looking skin. Likewise, the other tissues can lose collagen and wear down over the years, adding to the dark shape under your eyes. With this in mind, our dark circle removal procedure focuses on restoring these structures with precision.

The procedure itself typically takes only about 1-2 hours, depending on any additional factors your plan calls for. We will ensure the entire process is painless for you through either general anesthesia or lighter sedation, depending on your needs. After your surgeon, Dr. Shah Vira, completes every step according to your agreed-upon plan, she closes and incisions, ensuring they were all made in places where they will be virtually invisible. So even the minor scarring from the procedure should be out of sight; instead, only your stunning results will be evident.

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Excellent service Dr. Shah Vira very nice and very helpful. Everything in the office clean and professional.

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Is Dark Circle Removal Right for Me?

Dark circle removal can be the ideal solution for patients in a wide age range who feel dark circles are impacting their quality of life. You likely feel just as vibrant and alert as always, but dark circles can give off a different vibe, clashing with your inner self. In these cases, dark circle removal can help you match your inner and outer selves. A good candidate for our dark circle treatment in Austin will be in good health and non-smoking, to ensure optimal safety and recovery.

To learn if you are a good candidate for dark circle removal in Austin, you can set up your consultation today! Our experienced surgeon, Dr. Shah Vira, will meet with you personally and provide a comprehensive overview of your options and the outcomes you can expect to see. We are by your side at every point of your treatment, ensuring you get all the information you need to choose your ideal procedure.

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What is the Recovery Like?

After your dark circle removal is complete, you can return home the same day, but someone will need to drive you. For the first week or two, patients tend to take the time off from work and other strenuous activities. Instead, it is best to focus on recovery. Gradually, any pain and swelling should subside and you will begin to see your results. However, your final results may only be entirely apparent after the swelling has completely gone away after several weeks to a couple of months. Still, you will notice immediate improvements even a few days after the procedure.

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When Will I See Results?

We will provide you with complete post-surgery instructions to help with healing and allow you to see optimal results. If you have any concerns or questions after your dark circle removal at Texas Neuro Eye, we are only a phone call away.

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