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Under Eye Bags Removal

Under eye puffiness, removal can be a revitalizing treatment for our patients in the Austin area. Having under-eye bags can significantly impact how our patients feel about their appearances. That is why we are proud to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for under-eye bag removal in Austin.

With expert treatment for under-eye puffiness, you can rejuvenate your aesthetic and enjoy eye improvements. If you have noticed the early signs of puffiness under your eyes, Dr. Shah Vira is here at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery to help you take care of the concerns and get your eyes back to their best.

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What Is Under Eye Bags Removal?

Puffiness under the eyes can be causes by a wide range of possible reasons. Ranging from lack of sleep to the aging process, under-eye bags are notorious for making people look tired and fatigued, even if they don’t actually fell that way.

Lower Blepharoplasty

The most effective and longest-lasting results for under-eye bags is achieved through lower blepharoplasty. Also called lower eyelid surgery, this procedure is ideal for tackling stubborn pockets of fat and puffy skin. It focuses on repositioning tissues and removing stubborn fat to give you a more alert and rejuvenated look after a single procedure.

Non-Surgical Options

For patients who are not ready to commit to a full procedure, we can also provide some non-surgical options. These still tend to produce outstanding results for under-eye bag removal, though the results will be more temporary.

What Under Eye Puffiness Removal Is Right for Me?

If you are facing stubborn puffiness under your eyes, then a treatment may be just what you need. Under eye bags can only become more pronounced as we age, so treating them sooner rather than later can give you a refreshed appearance at almost any age. The first step is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Shah Vira to discuss your under-eye concerns and find your optimal solution. After your one-on-one meeting with Dr. Shah Vira, you can explore all your treatment options to find a solution that will get you looking your absolute best.

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What Is the Procedure Like?

Lower eyelid surgery can take about 1-2 hours and is done with either local or general anesthesia according to your needs. The procedure consists of making minor incisions and repositioning key tissues to deliver a more alert position.

Non-surgical treatments are fast, and can take under half an hour in some cases. Be sure to ask Dr. Shah Vira about the latest non-surgical options we offer if you are not ready to commit to a full surgical procedure.

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What is the Recovery Like?

For lower blepharoplasty, patients can expect about two weeks of initial downtime and recovery, though this can be less in some cases. Some pain, swelling, and bruising under the eye are normal, but can be managed with care and medicine until they fade away. Patients can expect to see their final results in several weeks once the swelling had fully gone done, but you should see continual improvements during this time.

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When Will I See Results?

Non-surgical treatments tend to have virtually no downtime (for fillers) or a shorter recovery period (for other treatments). We can provide you with an exact outline of what your treatment and recovery will look like during your consultation.

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