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Orbital Decompression
Surgery in Austin

If you have bulging eyes, it can lead to both cosmetic concerns and potential effects on your eye health. But bulging eye surgery (also called eye socket surgery) can help you get your eyes back to a more natural position. Dr. Shah Vira is proud to provide her patients with orbital decompression surgery in Austin.

With expert orbital decompression surgery, you can protect your overall health and enjoy cosmetic improvements. If you have noticed bulging eyes, Dr. Shah Vira is here at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery to help you take care of the issue and get your eyes back to their best.

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Orbital Eye Socket Surgery
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What Is Orbital Decompression Surgery?

Orbital decompression surgery aims to help patients who are experiencing a condition called exophthalmos. This condition arises when one or both of your eyes start to bulge out the eye socket. It can happen due to Graves’ disease, injury, or other causes. This surgery can be crucial for patients, as untreated bulging eyes can affect the optic nerve, eventually leading to a risk of blindness.

Is Bulging Eye Surgery Right For Me?

If you have started to notice your eyes seeming to bulge outward, then it may be time to have treatment. You can start by scheduling a consultation with our oculofacial surgeon, Dr. Shah Vira. She can examine your situation and work with you to see if this eye socket surgery is what you need.

Your consultation includes a full exam, during which Dr. Shah Vira can evaluate your situation and determine how to get your eyes back to full health. Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Difficulty closing your eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Double vision
  • And more
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What Is a Bulging Eye Surgery Like?

We understand that eye surgery can be intimidating for patients, so we do all we can to provide a minimally-stressing environment. We ensure that you are not in the dark about any aspect of your procedure, and are happy to answer questions at any point along the way. We perform this procedure with patients under general anesthesia so you are comfortable until the end of your surgery. The procedure does not involve any incisions around the eyes themselves, instead using endoscopic techniques. Our methods also result in less external bruising or swelling with any scarring hidden from view. If you need eye socket surgery on both eyes, we may first perform it on one eye. Then, on a separate visit, we will complete the second procedure.
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What Is the Recovery Process Like?

With orbital decompression, you can give you and your eyes relief from symptoms of exophthalmos. Right after your procedure, you should be able to see. Some discomfort and pain with minor swelling are normal, but these gradually go away over the next week or two. During this time, it is important to avoid blowing your nose and any strenuous activity while recovering. We will also see you for follow-up appointment to ensure that your procedure was a complete success!

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When Will I See Results?

Once your swelling has gone down after about two weeks, you can begin to see your full results appear. As the swelling continues to go down, your eyes should appear in their fully natural positions and any additional symptoms should go away.

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