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Orbital Tumors
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Unfortunately, the human eye is not immune to tumors, and they can grow in and around the eye. When this happens, it is important a patient find a specialist for orbital tumors in Austin to provide effective surgical treatment.

With expert orbital tumor surgery, you can protect your overall health and enjoy eye improvements. If you have noticed the symptoms of eye tumors, Dr. Shah Vira is here at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery to help you take care of the issue and get your eyes back to their best.

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Orbital Eye Socket Surgery
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What Is Orbital Tumor Surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with an orbital tumor, it is important to find expert treatment. Orbital tumors are tumors that grow in the eye socket area, including in the eye and its immediate surroundings. Receiving treatment for eye tumors is vital to protecting your vision and keeping your eyes healthy.

Do I Need Surgery?

The first step is to receive a diagnosis for orbital tumors. During your consultation, we can examine your eye area, performing tests and exams to see what your situation is. If a tumor is found, we will most likely prescribe surgical removal of it as soon as possible to protect your health. Even benign tumors can have effects on your eyes as they grow, causing vision and comfort concerns.

Some common symptoms of orbital tumors include:

  • A bulging eyeball
  • A flattened eyeball
  • Sensations of tingling or numbness around your eyes

  • Difficulty or inability to move eyes separately
  • Vision changes (pain, sensitivity, etc.)
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What Is an Orbital Tumor Procedure Like?

It can sound intimidating to need orbital tumor surgery, but Dr. Shah Vira strives to provide a comfortable, compassionate experience from start to finish. By having this procedure, you can actually find relief from severe symptoms and protect your overall health and that of your eye. We recommend getting treatment as soon as possible, which can mean a lighter procedure. For more advanced tumors, sometimes we may need to perform enucleation, removing the eye as a whole in order to protect your health and life.

The procedure itself can take between four to eight hours, depending on your plan and if any reconstruction will be needed simultaneously. The exact details of your procedure will depend on the cause and type of the tumor, its location, and how far along it is.

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What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Full recovery from orbital tumor removal can vary, taking between 2-6 weeks. It is often normal for patients to remain at the hospital for up to a week, to ensure things are going well. Swelling and pain are normal side effects, but these will gradually fade, and can be controlled with medication until that point.

While recovering, it will be important to avoid strenuous activity and follow all our post-procedure instructions. This includes avoiding tasks or activities that would strain your eyes. Additionally, we advise patients to avoid gyms or pools until you have recovered enough, to avoid injury, infection, or other ill effects. We also often have patients come in for follow-up appointments to check on the progress of their recovery. Always feel free to call us with any additional questions during your recovery.

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