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Treating Orbital
Fractures in Austin

From sports to vehicle accidents, it is common to sustain some kind of injury throughout life. However, eye injuries can be some of the most important to treat right away, since even minor problems can have large effects on eye health. Dr. Shah Vira and her team are proud to offer expert treatment for orbital fractures in Austin at her practice.

With expert treatment for orbital fractures, you can protect your overall health and enjoy eye improvements. If you have noticed the symptoms of fractures or received a recent injury, Dr. Shah Vira is here at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery to help you take care of the issue and get your eyes back to their best.

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What Are Orbital Fractures?

Physical injuries to the midface and eye area are the most common cause of orbital fractures. Usually this occurs while playing sports, during a car accident, or while working jobs involving physical actions. In many cases, patients may not notice an orbital fracture right away, so it is important to seek an exam after any mild to severe injury to ensure fractures cannot cause you trouble down the line.

Do I Need Orbital Fracture Treatment?

If you have had a recent injury to the face, then you may need orbital fracture treatment even if you don’t notice symptoms right away. These fractures can also present a range of symptoms, all signs that you should see an expert as soon as possible. Symptoms include:

  • Loss or decrease in vision
  • Double vision
  • Pain and bruising
  • Excessive tearing and dry eyes
  • Sensation of numbness in eyelid or cheek
  • Vomiting (nausea)
  • Difficulty moving eyes
  • Bulging or sunken eyes
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Dr. Shah Vira is a compassionate and thoughtful neuro-ophthalmologist. I have consulted with her on numerous occasions and she has been gracious with her time and availability.

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What Is The Procedure Like for Orbital Fractures?

We match every orbital fracture procedure to your individual situation. The procedure typically involves an incision around the edges of your eyes to allow access to the orbital floor. Still, we make these incisions in the natural folds of the eye area when possible to hide any potential scarring. We remove or repair any of the damaged bone or tissue that we can, often inserting an implant to provide additional support.

We usually perform the procedure under general anesthesia so your orbital repair will be painless. However, you will need someone to drive you home afterward.

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What Is the Recovery Process Like?

Recovery from orbital fracture repair can vary significantly and depends on the extent of your injury and the repair needed. Generally, some bruising, swelling, and pain will be normal for about two weeks. But you will be able to manage these readily with the right medication and by following out post-procedure instructions. Some key recovery tips include:

  • Keeping your head elevated
  • Keeping the area around your eye clean
  • Avoiding strenuous activity

It is also normal to come in for a follow-up appointment about one week after your procedure. During this time, we can check on your healing process and provide any other tips you may need for recovering.

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What Results Can I Expect?

Healing from fracture repair can take some time and requires a bit of patience as your body recovers. Once the swelling goes down, your eye area should begin to return to its natural appearance. Any symptoms should also quickly fade as your vision and eye movement are returned to normal by the procedure.

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