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Excessive Tearing
Treatment in Austin

Our eyes rely on our tear ducts to keep them healthy and moisturized. However, even small problems with these ducts can require treatment in order to keep your eyes in good health. One relatively common concern patients can have occurs when their eyes cannot drain tears properly, resulting in watering eyes. Treating excessive tearing in Austin is quite easy in most cases and may even require only a single procedure.

With professional tear duct surgery, you can keep your eyes in good health and stop excessive tearing. If you have noticed your eyes watering more than usual, Dr. Shah Vira is here at Texas Neuro Eye & Plastic Surgery to help you take care of the issue and get your eyes back to their best.

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What Is Excessive Tearing?

Excessive tearing is a condition where your tear ducts cannot drain properly, causing tears to overflow and often run down your face. While this might sound like a minor issue, it can eventually lead to a range of symptoms and even begin posing a risk to eye health.

Excessive tearing can come about from a range of causes, and your treatment will depend on what is causing it. Some common causes include tear duct blockages or eyelid problems. If this is the case, then Dr. Shah Vira can provide professional treatment at her practice in Austin.

How Do I Treat Excessive Tearing?

For milder causes such as allergies, medication may be enough to get your tearing under control. However, if it is a physical problem, such as a blocked tear duct, then Dr. Shah Vira is here to help. The most common treatment is to perform a light surgery to remove whatever is blocking the tear duct and preventing proper draining.

This procedure is quite straightforward and usually only requires local numbing to keep you comfortable. Dr. Shah Vira then removes the blockage, which is usually a growth or minor tumor. After your procedure, you can go home the same day and start resting and recovering.

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Dr. Vira helped me better understand my vision issues and possible root causes. She spent time evaluating and offered reasonable options for treatment. Dr. Shah Vira is personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. I appreciated her kind and caring attitude. Dr. Shah Vira’s assistant, Tracy, is top notch as well. I highly recommend Dr. Shah Vira if you are experiencing vision issues.

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Should I Get Treatment?

While excessive tearing may seem more like a nuisance than a medical concern, it can actually start to pose a risk to your eyes. Many patients may start to experience itchy or irritated eyes after a time, which puts their eye health at risk. That is why we recommend seeking treatment as soon as you start to notice any excessive tearing happening. By visiting a specialist, you can learn about the cause of your condition and get started on a treatment that will get your eyes back to feeling their best.

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Recovery &

Recovery from tear duct surgery is usually quite fast and tolerable. While some swelling and pain are normal, these quickly fade and Dr. Shah Vira can provide instructions to manage them both easily. Most patients will take a few days off from work to focus on recovery before returning to their daily routines. Once you have recovered, your eyes should tear at the normal rate: just enough to stay comfortable but without forming drops. With proper care for your eyes, you increase your chance of avoiding future problems as well.

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